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Cooking Oil Refining Equipment

Label: Time: 2019/7/3 10:51:31

Cooking oil refining equipment, as its name implies, is a process in which refining or leaching oil is being refined. Of course, this process has many steps. This is to combine the refined crude oil kinds. For example: peanut oil and sunflower oil, such as tea seed oil and walnut oil, they require different refining process standards, it is necessary to adopt different refining processes, and then it is necessary to combine national standards, with national standards as the standard.

Walnut oil refining process:

Walnut oil - degumming - vacuum drying - decolorization - deodorization (deacidification) - walnut oil (in the process of nitrogen protection) to prevent oxidation by peroxidation.

Tea seed oil refining process:

Tea seed oil--acid degumming--filtration--alkali dephosphorization--filtration--washing--decolorization--deodorization--drying--product oil

Tea seed oil has an unsaturated fatty acid content of 80%, especially linoleic acid content of more than 20%. Has a good nutritional value and health care function. Tea seed oil has a high acid value and contains some solid impurities such as saponin. It does not meet the standard, and it needs to be degummed, decolored, deacidified, deodorized and other refining processes.

The two crude oil refining processes listed above only let everyone know that different crude oil refining processes are also different. It is not a blind refinery that can be done by a professional refining technician. The refining process we use is a low-temperature refining process that maintains the nutrient content of crude oil and does not destroy the crude oil nutrients of the edible oil. According to different crude materials, the corresponding refined oil and fat equipment can be customized, and the edible oil refining production line can also be customized for large oil plants.

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