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Excavate black gold with waste tire pyrolysis technology

Label: Time: 2019/7/19 15:34:23

 Waste tires are polymer material wastes, and their material characteristics determine the choice of safe and environmentally friendly advanced applicable technologies and equipment is the key to achieving their recycling. Among all the methods of comprehensive utilization of used tires, thermal pyrolysis technology is currently the only way to consume the largest amount of used tires, and a large amount of clean energy can be recycled for recycling. The thermal pyrolysis technology can reduce the recycling of resources and the full reuse of valuable products. It is one of the important development directions of waste tire treatment in various countries, and it is also in line with the national industrial policy and development plan.


  Tire pyrolysis technology

  The refining technology of waste tires refers to the heating of waste tires under the condition of lack of oxygen or limited oxygen supply, and the degradation of high molecular polymers and organic additives into low molecular or small molecular compounds, thereby recovering gases, oils, solid carbon and steel wires. And a process technology for some chemical products. Pyrolysis is a recycling method of waste tires. This method can dry out the waste tires and obtain important energy materials such as light fuel oil and heavy oil. Without secondary pollution, it is an ideal way to use waste materials such as rubber and plastics. .

  The technology firstly pulverizes the waste tire into the thermal pyrolysis reactor through the slice, and generates a thermal decomposition reaction after heating in the reactor, and then passes the gaseous product into the condenser, thereby separating the oil and gas, condensing the approximate diesel fraction, and separating. The flammable gas is sent to the combustion furnace to provide a continuous heat source for the thermal pyrolysis system. The solid product in the reactor is mainly carbon black. The magnetic carbon black is separated from the steel wire by magnetic separation, and the crude carbon black is further processed. Carbon black for commercial use.

  With the continuous standardization of waste tire thermal pyrolysis technology, the level of technical equipment has been continuously improved, and the production conditions of the thermal pyrolysis industry have undergone a qualitative leap. After a complete set of automated processes such as crushing and pyrolysis, the waste tires can be reused almost 100%, realizing the high value-added renewable resource products under the premise of safety and environmental protection.

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