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HongRi machinery ,oil making equipment wholesale ,protein equipment

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1.HongRi machinery, protein equipment, oil press equipment manufacturers

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a vegetable oil equipment (edible oil), animal oil, saponin, extraction pigment waste tires, plastics, rubber oil, pyrolysis of waste lubricating oil recycling equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the modern enterprise. Set design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, scientific research, sales, after-sales service as one.

HongRi machinery , semi complete protein, this protein contains amino acids although the range, but the number of some amino acids can not meet the needs of the human body. They can maintain life, but they do not promote growth and development. The wheat gelatin in wheat, for example, is a semi complete protein with few lysine.

One of the different kinds of amino acids, or some of the amino acids, is called limiting amino acids in food. The content of lysine in grain protein is less than half, so the limiting amino acid is lysine.

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. strong all kinds of oil equipment processing capacity, Mengla County protein processing equipment, technology, reliable products, quality service, the company in the domestic industry market status.

2.HongRi machinery ,protein equipment price,complete sets of oil equipment

Protein material concentrating RO membrane separation equipment manufacturer

Protein concentration of materials RO membrane separation equipment factory Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd.

The enrichment, clarification, classification, purification and enrichment have been achieved by the selective and separation characteristics of the membrane. Membrane separation technology is a widely used solution, separation, concentration and purification separation technology, membrane separation technology was concentrated under pressure when the liquid flows through the membrane, microporous membrane surface with many small, only allow water and small molecules pass through and through and become liquid, liquid volume greater than the micro pore membrane surface material is trapped within the liquid film side, the price of protein equipment, thus becoming concentrated liquid, separation and concentration of solution to.

Nanofiltration membrane is made of polyamide, protein equipment manufacturer, combined film making and automatic film coating technology, so that the product has long stable performance. Nanofiltration membrane technology allows membrane molecules or some low molecular weight solutes or low ion through a functional protein, equipment wholesale, MWCO of organic matter is about 100-1000, the ability to entrap dissolved salt is between 20-90%, the monovalent anions in salt solution than desalination high anion salt solution.

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3.The price of protein equipment ,HongRi machinery ,oil pressequipment

HongRi machinery, protein equipment, oil press equipment manufacturers provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd.Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( in the field of edible oil processing machinery have unlimited enthusiasm and passion, HongRi machinery has been customer-centric, the idea of creating value for customers, with quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope that the cooperation with the community to create success, and create brilliant. Related business welcome to inquire.

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