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Soybean Oil Plant

Label: Time: 2019/7/12 14:31:09

Soybean oil is a safeguarding force that guarantees a relatively balanced supply and demand relationship of edible oil in China. Its market influence position cannot be shaken. China needs about 100 million tons of soybean per year, which is used to process soybean oil to meet domestic market demand. Domestic or imported soybeans. In order to produce soybean oil, there is sufficient raw material guarantee. Compared with other edible oils, investing in soybean oil processing projects is a relatively safe project choice.
Processing soybean oil, for the common people, the more common is the soybean oil mill, many consumers have gone to the oil mill to buy soybean oil, think that the soybean oil that is now being sold is transparent, not mixed with other inferior oil, more nutritious Health, penguin leaching oil equipment manufacturers remind consumers, in many informal oil mills, can not produce soybean oil that meets the national standard, to buy soybean oil, go to the regular shopping mall to buy.
Soybean oil produced by soybean oil mills is not up to standard. It is believed that users who know about the soybean oil extraction process know that processing soybean oil, in addition to some auxiliary treatment sections, mainly involves two stages of oil production, one is oil extraction or Leaching is the stage of producing oil, and the second is refining. It is the link from wool to refined oil. Many oil mills only have oil and no refining, so the soybean oil produced is not up to standard.
Domestic investment in soybean oil processing, investment in soybean oil mills, or leaching soybean oil plants. Generally, in the soybean extraction oil project of less than 20 tons per day, the user will choose to make soybean oil, choose the screw press to press, produce the oil, and then use the refined oil equipment to refine, to the finished soybean oil, and then fill. Good sales, the advantage is that the quality of the oil is good, the price is higher, the disadvantage is that the oil yield is not as good as the leaching oil.
Leaching soybean oil plant may be an ideal oil-making process for processing soybean oil. Although the quality of soybean oil produced is not as good as that of pressed oil, the oil yield is very high, the residual oil rate can be controlled below 1%, and the scale of production is large. The large, non-common press method is comparable, the soybean oil leaching equipment production line is selected, and the oil refining process is matched, so that the soybean oil can also be made into the first-class national standard oil.

Advantages of leaching equipment: automatic feeding, simple operation, automatic slag discharge, environmental protection standards; low peroxide peroxide value, bright color, rich aroma, no water. Hongri's grease leaching equipment maintains a good odour of the grease and makes the scent of the oil better.

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