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Castor oil extraction equipment ,HongRi machinery ,oil extraction equipment

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1.Oil refining equipment , leaching equipment, palm kernel oil leaching equipment

Peanut oil refining equipment, peanut oil extraction equipment, complete sets of production lines, production and processing equipment of peanut oil can meet the national standard for the production of edible oil and oil extraction equipment, so it is very happy, this oil is very safe, do not worry about what harm the human body at present! China's edible oil standard manufacturers with production, mainly in order to protect the consumer's right to know, let consumers according to their preferences, to meet the needs of different. Oil and fat are the general name of oil and fat.

HongRi machinery ,oil extraction equipment for the new tank type miniature oil extraction equipment, castor oil extraction equipment, of rapeseed, peanut, soybean, rice bran, palm kernel oil extraction equipment, cottonseed and other oil processing and oil extraction after meal extract oil. The leaching process oil is an advanced oil making method widely used in the world at present. Compared with other process equipments, the tank group leaching process equipment has the characteristics of advanced performance, small equipment investment, low energy consumption, high utilization rate of equipment, and simple operation, safety and reliability, etc., which can greatly reduce residual oil in meal.

2.HongRi machinery , castor oil extraction equipment,sunflower oil extraction equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. of peanut oil refining process for high quality peanut has pressed peanut oil, should minimize the process of refining, to retain the natural flavor of peanut oil. And by solvent extraction from peanut crude peanut oil, should be refined. The process of making the extract of peanut oil into ordinary peanut oil is the same as that of ordinary soybean oil. The processing of Luzhou flavor peanut oil, as described above, only needs to settle down the oil and cold filter. (1) process: Peanut cooking oil, salad oil refining process are as follows: the low quality of peanut oil degumming alkali refining deacidification decoloration deodorization winterisation solid wax extracted crude oil peanut cooking oil peanut salad oil products (2) key production and refined oil characteristics of peanut oil at 03 degrees have a solid fat, coagulation precipitation. The production of peanut salad oil, it is necessary to remove the solid fat in winter, which is the key to the production of peanut salad oil. It is observed that the peanut oil from the sunflower seed oil extraction equipment and the peanut kernel harvested after full maturity is light in color and lustre. Peanut oil is a good raw material for the preparation of deep processed products of edible oil. The refined peanut oil smoke point is very high (229.4 C), suitable for the high temperature frying oil.

3.Extraction equipment, HongRi machinery, palm kernel oil extraction equipment

Castor oil extraction equipment ,HongRi machinery ,oil extraction equipment provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co .,Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( high quality products and services, continuously by the new and old customers and industry recognition and trust. Our company is a certified member of the whole network shangmeng shangmeng, click on the page service icon, can direct dialogue with our customer service to our future cooperation!

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