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Complete sets of oil equipment,HongRi machinery ,edible oil rice bran oil equipment

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1.Grain of rice bran oil equipment ,rice bran oil ,HongRi machinery

Refining technology of soybean oil, rice bran oil equipment for grain and oil machinery

Soybean oil is the most productive oil in the world, and it is also the oil of our country. In addition to containing the fatty oil, in the process also bring some non oil substances, 1%-3% containing phospholipids in unrefined crude oil, sterols and a small amount of 0.7%-0.8% protein and wheat germ phenol and other substances, can cause rancidity. [all kinds of grain and oil machinery manufacturers]

Therefore, soybean oil is not suitable for long-term storage if it is not hydrated and impurity removed. If the quality of oil is good and the processing technology is scientific, the quality of wool oil is better. Generally, the content of free fatty acids is less than 2%. Crude oil can achieve the quality of ordinary cooking oil. The refining process of refined oil is simpler than that of grain and oil rice bran oil equipment.

Soybean oil refining process are as follows: [HongRi machinery equipment factory]

Oil filtration and acidification – neutralization – Separation – water washing – separation drying adsorption decolorization – Filtration – gas distillation deodorization – Filtration – refined oil

2.HongRi machinery , rice bran oil, rice bran oil equipment prices

Oil refining equipment for plant oil complete equipment

The purpose of oil refining [plant oil complete equipment oil refining equipment]

Oil refining is usually used to refine the oil. The impurities in crude oil, not only the effects of oil and edible value and safe storage, but also to the deep processing difficulties, rice bran oil refining equipment prices, but the purpose, nor will remove all the impurities in the oil, but will be one of the food, storage, industrial production and other harmful impurities, such as gossypol protein, phospholipid, mucus and water are removed, Yiwu rice bran oil equipment, and useful "impurities" such as tocopherol to retain. Therefore, according to the different requirements and purposes, and will not be harmful impurities from oil, edible oil, rice bran oil equipment, in accordance with certain quality standards of refined oil, refined oil is objective.

Oil refining equipment manufacturers, HongRi machinery complete sets of oil equipment [free on-site design process, on-site installation inspection engineer], rice bran oil refining equipment, corn oil refining equipment, soybean oil refining equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, cottonseed oil refining equipment, rapeseed oil refining equipment

3.HongRi machinery ,grain of rice bran oil equipment , rice bran oil equipment prices

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