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Complete sets of oil equipment,plant protein equipment,HongRi machinery

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Isolation and purification of peptide and amino acid protein by nanofiltration membrane separation technology

The composition of protein hydrolysate and fermentation broth is quite complex. Many of them have similar molecular weight and similar properties. Some of them only have different net charges. It is difficult to separate these peptides and amino acids, usually by centrifugation, precipitation, adsorption, extraction, ion exchange and chromatography. These methods generally exist many problems, such as complex process, long operation time, large demand for raw materials, high energy consumption, low yield and serious pollution. Moreover, products are prone to denaturation and deactivation during long time extraction.

This will inevitably bring a series of problems to large-scale industrial production. Membrane separation technology, especially ultrafiltration, has been used for classification and separation of enzymes, peptides and other macromolecular organic compounds in protein and protein hydrolysates. However, polypeptides with similar molecular weight and similar physicochemical properties are difficult to be separated by ultrafiltration membrane.

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Nanofiltration membrane separation technology has obvious advantages to the separation of peptides and amino acids. Nanofiltration membrane with nanometer aperture, Shizong County protein molecular weight cut-off device, between 100-1000Da, the main feature is the surface charge (positive or negative), the relative molecular weight of peptides and amino acids are electrolyte in 100-1000Da, both with molecular alkaline group (amino), with acidic group . When the solution pH is equal to their isoelectric point, the molecule is electrically neutral, and the net charge is zero. When pH deviates from isoelectric point, the molecule becomes an ion with negative or positive charge. Therefore, the nanofiltration membrane can separate the peptides and amino acids in the solution through the joint action of the space steric resistance and the charge effect

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Many studies have shown that under certain pH and ionic strength, the degree of interaction between membrane proteins and peptides and amino acids can significantly affect the separation effect of these components in Henan protein equipment. The molecular weight cut-off of 2500 cellulose acetate nanofiltration membranes were fractionated on pancreatic polypeptide whey protein in protein hydrolysates. The results showed that in a certain acidity, without sodium chloride conditions, selection of negatively charged membranes on cationic permeability properties of the above through the negatively charged polypeptide

In addition, nanofiltration membrane has become a hot spot in the field of membrane research as well as high throughput, low operating pressure and no pollution.

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Soybean protein purification equipment production process:

Defatted soybean flour – acid leaching – one – time curd and whey separation – two separation of whey – – aging – neutralization sterilization – spray drying. Comparison of soybean protein purification equipment

Soybean protein isolate was defatted white by alkaline extraction and spray drying process of soluble protein in white is extracted, the protein content of more than 90%. Soy protein isolate is the top product of soybean protein, plant protein equipment, and has good functional properties. Protein concentrate is defatted white powder by spray drying with acid leaching method, protein removal equipment wholesale, soluble sugar and preparation.

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