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Cotton Seed Oil Turnkey Project

1.Processing capacity: 5-600TPD Raw material: cotton seed Final product:refined cotton seed oil(1st grade salad oil) Technology: Cleaning, prepress, solovent extraction, refining, dewaxing 2.Pre-treatment/ press workshop ……

1.Processing capacity: 5-600TPD

Raw material: cotton seed

Final product:refined cotton seed oil(1st grade salad oil)

Technology: Cleaning, prepress, solovent extraction, refining, dewaxing

2.Pre-treatment/ press workshop

1)Quantity of raw material:

Impurities: ≤1.0%

Water content: ≤1.0%

Oil content:≥33%

Acid value: ≤0.8(KOH)/(mg/g)

Seeds all well-distributed, no mould.

2)Technical proposal

Raw material will be deliverd to air seperator though lifting machine after well-distributed in the blanking  port.In this part, you could get the cleaning material after removing the big or small impurities and dust.Small dust delivered out by machine, big impurities will be collected. After crushing, steaming and frying, clinker into the oil press machine; then the meal into slovent extraction workshop when it cooling. Crude oil will delivered into crude oil tank flitering by the leaf filter. Cleaning oil into clean oil tank, then pump into oil storage or solvent extraction workshop.

3) Main equipment

 Disk huller: This equipment has high effective on husking, small power, big dealing capacity. It slove the problem of other machine has high machine powder and waste power.  

Pre-squeezing machine: Choose the current domestic pre-press expeller spiral running effect is good, has a large capacity, low power consumption and low operating cost. Cake structure loose but not broken, low residual oil characteristics, suitable for large oil demand.

3.Leaching workshop

1) Raw material

Raw material in this workshop are from pre-squeeze workshop.

2) Production

Products in this workshop is meal, leaching crude oil.

3)Technology process

Extraction workshop is the process of getting crude oil from pre-treatment flake or cake with n-hexane leaching. Production process including leaching process, wet meal steaming process, the oil evaporation process, solvent recovery processes, etc.    

4. Mainly equipment selection:

1).Rotocel extractor: Frequency conversion can adjust the speed of cell or capacity;chain driven makes the operation stable and safety.

DT desolventizer toaster:1st and 2nd trays are used for pre-heating. Each tray has indirect steam heating from the bottom. The 3rd tray for pre-de-solvent and the 4th tray for main de-solvent, while the 5th floor is for drying the meal.

Stripper :It is a new pattern stripper that combines stripper with crude oil tank. Special sphere baffle is used to make oil disperse evenly, so as to make the liquid and vapor mixed evenly, which avoids short-cut of direct steam. De-solvent capacity is high, and can avoid the case of solvent residue fluctuating due to the instability of vapor; thus, volatile in crude oil is largely reduced. The equipment can help to ensure the safety of refining plant. Trays are connected with flanges, easy for maintenance.

2).Refining workshop

This production line has the strong adaptability to processing all kinds of vegetable oils including cottonseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, tea seed oil, flax seed oil, corn germ oil and other oils

3).Description of process:

After measuring the oil by the pump through double drum filter, into refining pot for heating, heating the oil by adding water and alkaline hydration degumming of acid and alkali refining. After the separation of oil also contains a certain amount of residual soap, by using the add a certain amount of hot water washing, washing after degumming acid pump into the water dry vacuum dryer, dry oil by cooler cooling after into the tank in the middle.

After degumming acid oil decoloring in decoloring process.

Leaf filter parallel implementation process is continuous, the filtered oil cooler and the safety of filtered into the intermediate storage tanks for dewaxing.

Winter dewaxing (fat) is the purpose of easy make oil removing low temperature becomes muddy wax with high melting point (fat).

The filtered oil and decoloring oil in oil – oil heat, then through security filtered to deodorization system.

Finally after polishing filter into the product oil storage tanks, get the salad oil product.

4)Main Equipment:

★ Vacuum dryer: Dehydration process using high-efficient continuous vacuum dryer, it contains stainless steel filler. The dewatering efficiency is high.

The decolorization of oil adopts “circulation steam stirring decolorization tower”. Its advantage is that it saves energy and reduces vacuum leakage because of mechanical stirring.

★High-efficient deacidification and deodorization system: deodorization section is critical for the production of grade I oil. The choice of deodorizer type has great influence on the quality of oil. We have developed “high-efficient soft type deodorization tower”, it will provide the technology and equipment guarantee for the processing of high-quality oil. The deodorizing device will quickly and efficiently remove odor components such as fatty acids, but also make the grease has good flavor. Meanwhile, the tower can save direct steam (steam dosage is only 30-50% of conventional tower), and prevent hydrolysis of fats.


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