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Grape seed oil extraction equipment ,oil equipment ,HongRi machinery

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1.Oil equipment, HongRi machinery, a full set of equipment of grape seed oil

Zhengzhou HongRi machinery :has certain oil making equipment requirements for leaching equipment safety. Safety guidelines must also be observed during the daily operation. The main safety leaching workshop requirements are as follows:

1. safety inspections on the extraction equipment, strictly charged inspection in the inspection work to close the gates, a full set of equipment of grape seed oil, and a suspension of warning signs.

2. solvent is greater than 5%, it is forbidden to open the explosion-proof electrical apparatus.

3. do not check regularly whether the exhaust device of the leaching equipment is leaking or running normally, if there are any bad conditions, we must remove it in time, so as not to affect the normal work of the equipment.

4. workshop of solvent extraction equipment according to the needs of each sampling, are prohibited in the solvent containing equipment or sealing sampling.

5. when a clear fire is needed to check the equipment, the residual solvent in the equipment, container and pipe should be thoroughly cleaned and removed. And the equipment is placed in the safe place for inspection and maintenance.

6. before the replacement or repair of the equipment is completed, it should be checked after the approval of the person in charge, and then the machine can operate.

7. when a solvent leakage accident occurs, steam washing equipment, ground and dead ends should be used in time. When solvent and steam overflow into the non explosion protection area, emergency safety measures shall be taken. No fire protection shall be strictly prohibited in this area, and no explosion-proof electrical appliances shall be strictly prohibited. Security is the most important!

2.Grape seed oil production equipment, oil equipment, HongRi machinery

Zhengzhou HongRi machinery equipment, peanut oil extraction equipment, lubricating oil needed for pump reducer, extraction equipment in cooling tower and leaching equipment have different requirements. A few points should be paid attention to when adding lubricating oil to the components of the leaching equipment.

1. added lubricants should be carried out according to the standard requirements of the equipment provider, and the oil equipment shall not be added or mixed.

2. the fuel injection in the equipment shall not exceed half of the capacity of the tank. If there is an oil line on the equipment, the injection amount should be flat with the oil line. If the amount of oil is too much or too little, it will cause the heating of the equipment.

3. the 500 hours after the first use of the equipment should replace the lubricating oil in time, the grape seed oil leaching equipment, after the normal time 3-6 months after the replacement. The replacement time can also be set according to the actual use.

4. the replacement of the waste oil should be classified according to the type and specification. We should make sure that the label is handled by the company in a unified way, so that no one can throw it away or avoid it, so as not to cause pollution to the environment.

5. seal the oil tank before and after the refueling. The oil is mixed with water and impurities, resulting in the deterioration of the lubricating oil.

6. on the leaching equipment lubrication timely after cleaning, grape seed oil production equipment, cleaning equipment for surface grease.

Lubrication is necessary for the leaching equipment. During the production process, manufacturers must not forget to lubricate the equipment timely, prevent too little oil and equipment, and cause loss to the equipment.

3.HongRi machinery, a full set of equipment, grape seed oil extraction equipment

Grape seed oil extraction equipment , oil equipment , HongRi machinery (view) provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co.,Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( is a professional engaged in vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment company. Since the establishment, we adhere to the "integrity-based, stable operation" principle, the courage to participate in market competition, the "HongRi" brand has a good reputation. We adhere to the "service first, customer first" principle, to win the HongRi machinery customer trust in the industry of special equipment, establish a good corporate image. Special Description: the pictures and information of this information are for reference only. Please contact us for accurate information. Thank you!

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