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HongRi machinery , complete sets of equipment , peanut oil

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Peanut oil production equipment matters needing attention. First, because the color of peanut oil is black, impurity and foam are other reason, squeezing peanut oil equipment, this is because the purity of peanut oil is not enough, and the peanut oil press is not thoroughly filtered. Old oil press equipment without fine filtration system, only through artificial processing, general filter is not complete, peanut oil equipment manufacturers, and some use of filter press, which is air filter, oil filter can filter net, because it is the principle of the oil in a sealed container, container the bottom is provided with a filter cloth, filter, oil outlet at the bottom of the filter net. Add pressure vessel, oil filter filter, oil filter. This way is to increase the filtration speed of the oil.

2. complete sets of equipment , peanut oil , HongRi machinery

The shortcoming of the peanut oil press is that the oil filtration is too fast and the pressure is high. The automatic peanut oil press has not really filtered the impurities thoroughly. Second operation is tedious, peanut oil, filter you first need to open the container, clean the container is leached residue, cleaning inconvenient, can not work continuously. Because this way is to use pneumatic high-pressure filter, peanut oil complete sets of equipment, high pressure vessel and pressure seal requirements are very high, otherwise it is easy to generate pressure and lead to potential safety hazards, such as container burst. Therefore, when the users are invited to choose such an oil press equipment, we should pay attention to the inspection of the quality of the manufacturing of the high pressure vessel in the factory. Whether it is a qualified high pressure vessel.

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Automatic peanut oil press equipment advantage:

  1. high oil output: the use of directional pressure, multistage propulsion, one press clean, oil greatly improved.

  2. automatic oil production: using the principle of air negative pressure, the vacuum shunt technology is adopted, and the vacuum shunt is built. Oil and slag are separated effectively.

  3. It is safe and convenient: the structure is exquisite, the occupancy is few, the transmission system is fully enclosed, and the operation is safe and convenient.

  4. durable: the use of high quality and wear-resistant rigid casting scientific collocation, stable performance, to ensure that the equipment can work for a long time, and durable.

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