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HongRi machinery , palm oil extraction equipment, large oil leaching equipment

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1.HongRi machinery ,extraction equipment, rapeseed oil leaching equipment

HongRi machinery of peanut oil extraction equipment product principle: the principle is to use vacuum evaporation, vacuum pump creates negative pressure on the evaporation system, cottonseed oil extraction equipment, make a steaming, steaming, two stripping in negative pressure operation, at the same time, using two steam offline as a source of heat steam. Evaporation and steam mixed oil is a high temperature process, our company in the production in order to reduce its impact on the oil quality, in the process of changing atmospheric operation for negative pressure operation, one can reduce the oxygen molecules in the air and oil contact, under the condition of negative pressure leaching equipment, avoid oxidation. The second is to reduce the boiling point of the solvent in the mixed oil, so as to reduce the evaporation temperature. HongRi equipment in vacuum evaporation, evaporator with vacuum evaporation, the evaporation temperature decreased under atmospheric pressure, the evaporation temperature of the evaporator is 80 DEG C, the concentration of mixed oil after evaporation is 70%, if the evaporator by vacuum evaporation, the vacuum degree of 40Kpa, the mixed oil concentration reached 70%, the temperature of solvent evaporation 53 degrees, so you can use the two steam offline (temperature at 80-85 DEG C) is used as the heat source, the temperature difference of 27 degrees, in the actual production, as the two steam heating evaporation in the set pressure, can completely meet the production needs. The vacuum degree of the second evaporator is at 60Kpa, and the concentration of the mixed oil can reach 90-95% when the evaporation temperature is 95. The stripper vacuum in 70Kpa, in the outlet temperature of 105 DEG C, containing dissolved quantity can be controlled in 200mg/kg crude oil.

2.HongRi machinery ,leaching equipment ,cottonseed oil extraction equipment

Oil pretreatment of Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery cold pressed peanut oil plant

The purpose of oil pretreatment is to remove the impurities from the oil and make them into materials with certain structural properties to meet the requirements of different oil extraction processes. Oil pretreatment usually includes cleaning, shelling, crushing, softening, rolling, extruding, steaming and frying process.

The preprocessing technology we have designed has the following advantages:

1. Hot peeling process, palm oil leaching equipment, low energy consumption;

2, double road broken and desquamation, the desquamation rate is more than 85%, the oil in the skin is less than 1.5%.

3, large capacity, flexible production;

4. It can produce different grades of soybean meal with different protein content, and include the crushing section of soybean meal.

5. The expansion process can be used.

6. The whole production line can be controlled by automatic control.

3.Palm oil extraction equipment, extraction equipment, HongRi machinery

HongRi machinery (map), palm oil extraction equipment, extraction equipment provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( is a professional engaged in vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment company. Since the establishment, we adhere to the "integrity-based, stable operation" principle, the courage to participate in market competition, the "HongRi" brand has a good reputation. We adhere to the "service first, customer first" principle, to win the HongRi machinery customer trust in the industry of special equipment, establish a good corporate image. Special Description: the pictures and information of this information are for reference only. Please contact us for accurate information. Thank you!

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