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HongRi machinery , protein equipment production ,oil line equipment

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1.HongRi machinery , protein equipment,plant protein extraction equipment

Isolation and purification of peptide and amino acid protein by nanofiltration membrane separation technology

Nanofiltration membrane separation technology for separation and purification of the production of a variety of protein polypeptides and amino acid protein application equipment Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. professional oil extraction equipment [] welcome customers to visit the factory

1, the concentration and purification of large molecules such as polypeptide and protein.

2, The removal and concentration of natural pigment extract.

3, the filtration clarification and purification of the amino acid fermentation liquid.

4, the fermentation liquid filtration followed the purification and concentration.

5, the concentration of the resin analytical solution is analyzed and recovered.

6, the application of concentration and purification in the production of water and powder.

7, the filtration of the extraction liquid of Chinese medicine is mixed and purified and concentrated.

8, Optimization of Chinese herbal extract production process.

9, the desalination and concentration of synthetic drugs and intermediates.

10, Recovery of crystal mother liquid products.

11, heat sensitive substances concentration at room temperature.

12, clear and sterile.

13, the separation of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, which have protein equipment, product concentration and recovery.

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2.HongRi machinery , protein quality protein equipment,oil making machine

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a vegetable oil (edible oil), animal oil, saponin, extraction pigment waste tires, plastics, rubber oil, pyrolysis of waste lubricating oil recycling equipment R & D, manufacturing equipment, high quality protein, sales as one of the modern enterprise. With all kinds of oil equipment processing ability, technology, processing, reliable products, high quality service, make the company in the domestic and foreign industry market position. Related business welcome advice!

Can design the appropriate oil production workshop for the customer, carry on the workshop assembly and the technical support. It can also carry out special planning and design for the new oil plant, and redesign and update the old technology workshop of the old oil plant.

HongRi's service tenet is: to meet the needs of customers, dedicated to solve technical problems for customers. To ensure product quality, customer first business philosophy, continuous development, continuous expansion. Welcome the customers at home and abroad to come to visit and discuss.

3.HongRi machinery , plant protein extraction equipment ,protein equipment

HongRi machinery , which have protein production line equipment, Xixian County protein equipment provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( is a professional engaged in "vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment enterprises, the company adhering to the" integrity management, intentions services "concept, to provide quality products and service for you. Welcome to inquire!

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