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HongRi machinery , protein production line equipment, oil press equipment

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The properties of soybean protein protein HongRi machinery equipment

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The foaming property of soy protein on the surface of food and liquid is used to improve the tissue, texture and appearance of food. The decrease of the surface tension of the protein solution is closely related to the foaming ability of the protein. Air participates in it, and then the internal protein is partially denatured to form a stable film with no electrostatic repulsion within the membrane.

Oil absorption

The main factors that affect the oil absorption of proteins are the conformation of proteins, such as non covalent bonds, which are the main force involved in the reaction of protein and oil. The protein devices in Yiliang county are followed by hydrogen bonds. It has been proved that oil and protein are combined mainly by hydrophobicity.


Soy protein isolate is a pseudoplastic liquid of non Newtonian fluid, that is, the apparent viscosity of the liquid does not change with time. The main factors affecting the viscosity of the soy protein isolate were concentration, pH value, temperature and ion concentration. As the viscosity increases with the increase of concentration.

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2.Protein production line equipment, protein equipment, HongRi machinery

Separation and purification of peptides and amino acids by nanofiltration membrane separation technology

Isolation and purification of peptide and amino acid protein by nanofiltration membrane separation technology

Membrane separation technology is a new separation technology developed since 1960s, it has no change of phase separation process, room temperature operation, the steps of high selectivity, low energy consumption, especially for heat sensitive substances, if fractionation and concentrated juice, protein, amino acids, peptides, drugs etc.. Nanofiltration membrane is a new type of liquid separation membrane which separates the performance between reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. The pore size is about 1-10nm, the interception molecular weight is 100-1000Da, and the membrane is usually charged with the separation of low molecular weight organic matter and polyvalent ion.

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Retention performance of two valence ions, functional carbohydrates, small molecules, peptides, pigment bacterium substances such as nanofiltration membrane is higher than 98%, while the number of monovalent ions, small molecule acid, alcohol and other 30-50% through performance, commonly used in the classification of the solute elution and ion component adjustment solution of low molecular substances. Separation, purification, concentration and desalination process such as solution concentration in the fluid material.

For example, concentrated crystallization mother liquor recovery, resin desorption liquid concentration, the heat sensitive material purification. Its appearance fills in the blank of membrane research, and has been paid more and more attention in the application of food and biochemical industry.

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