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HongRi machinery ,refined peanut oil ,peanut oil equipment price

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1.Peanut oil,refined peanut oil equipment,vegetable oil equipment

Peanut oil processing project in Henan area can be seen everywhere, the local peanut production is very high, and the quality is good, very suitable for the processing of peanut oil, peanut oil, and the oil market is also very hot peanut oil processing project, the user at this time is to join investment opportunities. Peanut oil processing is used in the process of peanut oil processing, with the majority of peanut oil press, peanut oil leaching equipment and refining equipment.

Knowing the peanut oil equipment needed in peanut oil processing project, which is good for peanut oil machinery and equipment, we must pay attention to the purchase of these devices. What are the important basis for users to choose the right peanut oil equipment manufacturers in many manufacturers? What is the basis for the selection and purchase of peanut oil equipment manufacturers? 1, how the manufacturers of production experience, not only enrich the rich, rich production experience, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the equipment, also can guarantee the details of equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, to reduce all kinds of troubles later in the production process.

2.Peanut oil mechanical equipment,peanut oil ,vegetable oil equipment

how much is the price and service of the manufacturer, whether the price of the equipment is fair or not? The fair price means the quality guarantee and the price benefit. The equipment with high cost performance is reasonable, and whether the service is perfect or not is also directly related to the interests of users.

Why choose Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd? Rich experience in production, development has been more than 30 years, in the equipment technical maturity and production experience are better, ensure each factory equipment quality, good corporate reputation, HongRi put quality in the development is very important, the use of HongRi peanut oil equipment users praise, peanut oil equipment prices, create good brand awareness and market reputation, and the price is very reasonable, good service, is a peanut oil equipment enterprise conscience. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd limited company to welcome users to visit and purchase.

3.Peanut oil, peanut oil machine , HongRi  machinery 

Oil pretreatment of Zhengzhou cold pressed peanut oil plant

The purpose of oil pretreatment is to remove the impurities from the oil and make them into materials with certain structural properties to meet the requirements of different oil extraction processes. Oil pretreatment usually includes cleaning, shelling, crushing, softening, rolling, extruding, steaming and frying process.

The preprocessing technology we have designed has the following advantages:

1. Using hot peeling process, the energy consumption is low.

2. double road broken and desquamation, the desquamation rate is more than 85%, the oil in the skin is less than 1.5%.

3. large capacity, flexible production;

4. It can produce different grades of soybean meal with different protein content, and include the crushing section of soybean meal.

5. The expansion process can be used.

6. The whole production line can be controlled by automatic control.


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