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Large grape seed crushing equipment ,HongRi machinery, complete sets of oil equipment

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1.Grape seed oil equipment , HongRi machinery ,pressed grape seed oil equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd production of peanut oil benefits: peanut oil containing unsaturated fatty acids (including more than 80% oleic acid 41.2%, linoleic acid 37.6%). It also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids 19.9%.Large grape seed oil press equipment. The fatty acid composition of peanut oil is good, and it is easy to digest and absorb. According to foreign information, the use of peanut oil can make the cholesterol of the human body decompose into bile acid and expel in vitro, thus reducing the content of cholesterol in the plasma. In addition, the peanut oil also contains sterols, wheat germ phenol, phospholipid, vitamin E, some kind of alkali and other beneficial substances to the human body. Often eating peanut oil, can prevent skin wrinkle aging, protect blood vessel wall, prevent thrombosis, help prevent disease disease and so on. Some kind of alkali in the peanut oil can also improve the memory of the human brain and postpone the decline of the brain function. Why does peanut oil need to refine edible oil products? Generally, the daily consumption is limited. The general oil press gets oil products, and some indicators may be over standard in storage process, which has potential safety risks. Ordinary pressed peanut oil (wool oil), a lot of gum, in fact, is not suitable for direct cooking dishes. More important, squeezing the grape seed oil equipment, if the raw peanuts have mildew, the extracted oil has a risk of exceeding the standard. As the peanut oil now Guangdong two Guangxi province without peanut oil refining equipment refined peanut oil refining does not prohibit the sale, will be banned from virgin oil. From May 1, 2004, the state health and epidemic prevention and quality inspection department explicitly prohibited the sale of all kinds of unrefined edible oil.

2.The equipment of grape seed oil, grape seed oil equipment, HongRi machinery  

Peanut is a kind of high content of crops, the oil in the globular or granular in cells surrounded by a layer of film closed, on the extrusion process, this layer of film and cell wall with rupture, peanut oil can flow out from the cracks; in the extrusion process, part of peanut oil in extrusion, peanut become brittle and hard, lose their elasticity; and peanut skin containing more fiber, under pressure, separation and peanut surface, so that the peanut skin is easy to fall off; in the extrusion process, peanut is stress rather than shear stress, so no broken kernel phenomenon, it is easy to restore original. According to the requirement of fat content, different pressure is applied respectively. The effect of different degreased peanuts can be obtained. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. Ltd. this process requirements: defatted peanut rate above 50%; peanut intact particles, no adhesion phenomenon between peanut, peanut skin is easy to fall off. The important factor that influences the degreasing effect is moisture. The secondary factor is time. The condition of deacidification of grape seed oil equipment is 4.52%–7.26%. (the influence of excessive moisture on oil yield and moisture over drying is easy to cause Wahson crushing rate too high). At present, HongRi has developed new peanut oil refining oil press has been improved in all aspects of the shortcomings of hydraulic press in the past, a large grape seed crushing equipment, single power is very small, covering only a few square meters, and is connected with the computer controller, realize the automation of production. This kind of oil press continues to maintain the advantages of simple structure and long service life of water press. The oil produced by grape seed oil equipment is thicker than ordinary oil press, and it doesn't froth in food, and is widely welcomed by consumers.

3.HongRi machinery ,complete sets of oil equipment , grape seed oil of large crushing equipment

Large grape seed crushing equipment , grape seed oil equipment ,complete sets of oil equipment provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd ( is a professional engaged in "vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment enterprises, the company adhering to the" integrity management, intentions services "concept, to provide quality products and service for you. Welcome to inquire!

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