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Oil equipment, refining equipment, cottonseed oil refining equipment

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1.Refining equipment, HongRi machinery, rapeseed oil refining equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. peanut oil centrifugal oil filter is formed by centrifugal force, the high-speed rotation of the drum will be oil, water, slag, rapeseed oil refining equipment, refining equipment, rapid separation. First, to about 80 degrees -90 degrees to water treatment of crude oil and 1% 60 degrees -70 degrees of white boiling water and stir for 1-2 minutes after the crude oil in the bubble gradually disappear, gum phosphorus in crude oil and water to full with each other gradually expands and condenses into a liquid resin shape, when the upper left thin hair oil a layer of tiny bubbles, will start centrifuge hydration of crude oil into the centrifuge within 10-15 seconds, turn off the power. Oil, diesel, glial phospholipids and water rapid separation in the high-speed rotation drum in rice bran oil refining equipment, when the drum in rotation ceased, pure bright edible oil slide out of the drum in the micro water molecule surface.

2.HongRi machinery , rice bran oil refining equipment ,refining equipment

HongRi peanut oil from peanut production equipment is made, which we need to use peanut oil extraction equipment to be made into peanut peanut oil. Peanut oil extraction equipment of this equipment is a hot industry both at home and abroad, because the oil is essential to people's daily lives, cottonseed oil refining equipment, in such fierce competition in the market, want to have a space for one person, it needs to choose the high quality equipment. One of the most popular edible oils is peanut oil. Besides, we must understand that there is also a machine that is indispensable for peanut oil production, that is peanut oil extraction equipment.

Basically, the leaching equipment is to purify oil by leaching and refining process, that is to say, the worse oil can also turn into good oil through the processing and processing of leaching equipment.

3.Refining equipment, HongRi machinery, cottonseed oil refining equipment

Rice bran oil refining equipment ,refining equipment , HongRi machinery

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