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Peanut oil equipment manufacturers ,plant oil equipment , HongRi machinery

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1.Peanut oil ,HongRi machinery ,peanut oil production equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. Ltd. peanut oil production equipment automatic temperature control: automatic temperature control screw press screw press is the use of mechanical force, the distribution of the internal and external surfaces of material embryo oil, by promoting spiral shaft extrusion pressure produced after heat stress, get rid of stock and the adsorption process of the overflow, squeezed out from the oil in the said for oil. The design principle of the automatic oil press is the most advanced to date, which can automatically press the press of automatic slag discharge.

HongRi equipment centrifugal oil filter: centrifugal oil filter is to use its mind from high-speed rotation, the degree of pollution of lubricating oil of different oil and water and impurities by the centrifugal force of different function and rapid separation. Centrifugal oil filter is the principle of realizing different material stratification by rotating the motor at high speed by centrifugal principle. When the centrifugal oil filter is filtered, the slag will attach to the wall of the cylinder, and the oil is in the inner layer. When the motor stops running, the oil will outflow first. The edible oil filtered by centrifugal oil filter can not be froth and does not overflow when cooking oil, and it can reach the standard of two grade edible oil.

2.Peanut oil mechanical equipment ,peanut oil (online),HongRi machinery

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. peanut oil refining production line equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, production equipment operation points: leaching peanut oil refining filter with not more than 0.2% after crude oil, peanut oil production equipment, first add 2% hot water and oil degumming, oil refining degumming temperature 60~70, stirring 15min, peanut oil the equipment manufacturers, then add alkali neutralization deacidification, oil refining alkali concentration 18~24 DEG B, oil refining is the theoretical base of 75% excess base oil refining, lye within 15min after adding, stirring for 20 ~ 25min, oil refining final heating temperature 75 ~ 80 DEG C. After the oil refining reaches the final temperature, the 3%~4% salt solution (concentration 10%, 95 C) is added to the final temperature to continue to stir 5~10min, and then the settlement of 10~12h. Oil refining separation after washing soap, washing oil refining temperature of 75~80 DEG C, adding oil 5% saline (B, 85 concentration of 5~6 DEG C), and then washed several times with hot water, peanut oil machinery and equipment which is good for oil refining, until the residual soap is less than 50ppm. The decolorization temperature of the oil refining is 95~100 C, the operating pressure is 4.0kPa, the active white clay is added about 3% of the oil, and the decolorization time is 30min. Oil refining deodorization temperature 235~250, peanut oil, oil refining operation pressure is less than 0.65kPa, oil refining stripping steam flux 8~16kg/t h, oil refining deodorization time 6h, dewaxing oil refining cooling temperature of 6~10 DEG C, oil refining crystallization time 50~70h, oil refining filtration temperature of 15 DEG C.

3.HongRi mechanical ,peanut oil ,peanut oil equipment manufacturers

Peanut oil equipment manufacturers | plant oil equipment (online) | peanut oil provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( in the field of special equipment industry into the infinite enthusiasm and passion, HongRi machinery has been customer-centric, the idea of creating value for customers, with quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope that the cooperation with the community to create success, and create brilliant. Related business welcome to inquire.

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