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Peanut oil extraction equipment ,large-scale oil extraction equipment ,HongRi machinery

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1.Extraction equipment, HongRi machinery , sesame oil extraction equipment

China is a large agricultural country with many kinds of oil-bearing crops and mature and rich harvest in all seasons. In the rural areas with rich resources, the quality of oil crops is good and the equipment for leach of cottonseed oil will never be exhausted. The automatic screw press is a equipment for making edible oil from peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed and other oil through machinery pressing.

So how does the full automatic screw press produce good quality?sesame oil extraction equipment

1. the cleaning and drying of peanuts: the peanuts into the oil plant are unavoidable to contain some impurities. If you don't remove the dirt, stalks and leaves and other debris in peanuts, they will not only affect the quality of oil and cake, but also absorb some oil and reduce the oil yield. If the peanut mixed with sand, metal, rope and other debris, it will cause machinery wear, induced accidents, influence of process effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth production, Daewoo Machinery to remind you must try to remove the impurities, the individual with high water content of peanut shelling, in order to convenient, the drying process is very necessary.

2. peanut shelling shelling in the oil before the purpose is: to reduce the adsorption of shell oil, improve oil yield; can improve the processing capacity of press machine, reduce the wear of oil equipment; for rolling, improve the quality of crude oil; it can improve the quality of the cake, is conducive to the comprehensive utilization.

3. heat treatment (steaming): heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the process of oil extraction. Heat treatment including wetting and heating in the production of green, known as steamed or fried fried steamed billet billet, billet billet after called cooked. The green that after heat treatment the press called hot pressing, without heat treatment is called cold pressing. Peanuts are mainly hot pressed. The effect of heat treatment has a direct effect on the smooth progress of the whole process of oil making, the high and low oil production rate, and the quality of the oil and cake.

4. press: Daewoo automatic screw press, which has simple structure, high pressure, continuous processing of materials, low labor intensity, and sesame oil extraction equipment, which can crush many kinds of oil. Because it's pressed round with the zigzag curve and cone, extraction equipment, materials when being squeezed, driven by screw and extrusion screw and barrel wall space volume changing in the rear pressing cage arranged in a circle due to pressing bar, a pressing cage wall sawtooth the blank here alternately squeeze and relax, the billet structure has been adjusted to obtain uniform stirring, make not squeeze the oil or extract the oil blank less has more chance to fully squeezed. So its pressing effect is better. Automatic screw press is the maker of health edible oil, machinery equipment factory only high quality oil: Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., ltd.

2.Cottonseed oil extraction equipment, extraction equipment, HongRi machinery

HongRi new machine spiral peanut oil press can be used for mustard seed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, Tung, sunflower seeds, sesame, sesame, perilla seed, camellia seed oil and other oil crops. The new peanut oil press is integrated with the automatic temperature control system, which can adjust the suitable temperature for different raw materials. The peanut oil extraction equipment is easy to operate and simplifies the complexity of frying material. In addition to feed, basically do not need other operations, automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, simple operation, less area, high oil production rate. Is introduced from South Korea before Sanyou machinery technology, according to the temperature control, can improve the actual oil rate of 10-30%. The spiral oil press has advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high oil yield, labor saving, wide use, pure oil quality and small footprint.

3.HongRi machinery,leaching equipment ,peanut oil extraction equipment

Peanut oil extraction equipment ,large-scale oil extraction equipment (online), extraction equipment provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( in the field of special equipment industry into the infinite enthusiasm and passion, HongRi machinery has been customer-centric, the idea of creating value for customers, with quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope that the cooperation with the community to create success, and create brilliant. The related business is welcome to inquire.

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