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Peanut oil, HongRi machinery, peanut oil equipment manufacturers

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1.Peanut oil, the price of peanut oil equipment ,HongRi Machinery 

China is a big agricultural country with many kinds of peanut oil and oil crops, and all seasons have mature and rich harvest. In rural areas with rich resources, oil crops are of good quality and never dry up. The automatic screw press is a equipment for making edible oil from peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed and other oil through mechanical pressing.

So how does the full automatic screw press produce good quality? peanut oil equipment manufacturers1. the cleaning and drying of peanuts: the peanuts into the oil plant are unavoidable to contain some impurities. If you don't remove the dirt, stalks and leaves and other debris in peanuts, they will not only affect the quality of oil and cake, but also absorb some oil and reduce the oil yield. If the peanut mixed with sand, metal, rope and other debris, it will cause the wear of machine parts and other mechanical equipment, peanut oil which is good, induced accidents, influence of process effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth production, Daewoo Machinery to remind you must try to remove the impurities, the individual with high water content of peanut shelling, in order to convenient, the drying process is very necessary. 2.: peanut shelling shelling in the oil before the purpose is: to reduce the adsorption of shell oil, improve oil yield; can improve the processing capacity of press machine, reduce the wear of oil equipment; for rolling, improve the quality of crude oil; it can improve the quality of the cake, is conducive to the comprehensive utilization. 3. heat treatment (steaming): heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the process of oil extraction. Heat treatment including wetting and heating in the production of green, known as steamed or fried fried steamed billet billet, billet billet after called cooked. The green that after heat treatment the press called hot pressing, without heat treatment is called cold pressing. Peanuts are mainly hot pressed. The effect of heat treatment has a direct effect on the smooth progress of the whole process of oil making, the high and low oil production rate, and the quality of the oil and cake. 4. press: the Daewoo automatic spiral oil press, the structure is simple, the pressure is high, the material can be processed continuously, the labor intensity is low, it can press a variety of oil. Because it's pressed round with the zigzag curve and surface, material when squeezed, peanut oil equipment manufacturers, driven by screw and extrusion screw and barrel wall space volume changing in the rear pressing cage arranged in a circle due to pressing bar, the inner wall of the sawtooth cage the shape, peanut oil equipment prices, the blank here alternately squeeze and relax, the billet structure has been adjusted to obtain uniform stirring, make not squeeze the oil or extract the oil blank less has more chance to fully squeezed. So its pressing effect is better. Automatic screw press is the maker of health edible oil, mechanical equipment factory only high quality oil: Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. ltd.

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Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. ltd. of peanut oil equipment affect the quality of oil key and its preventive measures

Key control points of quality problems in plant oil production

Edible peanut oil equipment oil plant production process including raw materials procurement, transportation, receiving, storage, material cleaning, shell peeling, drying, billets and crude oil production, refining, modification, modulation, storage, packaging, storage, measurement finished product distribution.

Oil processing mainly includes oil production and oil refining. Oil extraction means that oil is separated from plant tissues by a certain process. The common methods are pressing and leaching. The oil is refined by refining. The chemical refining of the peanut oil equipment is the most common refining process in the oil processing industry. Existing or introducing potential biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw materials, excipients to production will affect the quality of edible oil and lead to food safety risks.

3.Peanut oil,plant oil equipment, HongRi Machinery 

Peanut oil mechanical equipment which is good, vegetable oil equipment (online consulting), peanut oil provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co Ltd. "Vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment" Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in ( Science Avenue Road, Zhongyuan District of Henan city of Zhengzhou province Ruida machinery over the years, HongRi adhere to provide quality service . Welcome new and old customers to call, letter, direct guidance, business negotiation. HongRi machinery to become your long-term partner!

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