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Peanut oil , peanut oil equipment , HongRi machinery

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1.Plant oil equipment , peanut oil, refined peanut oil equipment

HongRi mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. peanut oil equipment centrifugal oil filter is formed by centrifugal force, the high-speed rotation of the drum will be oil, water, slag, fast separation. First, to about 80 degrees -90 degrees to water treatment of crude oil and 1% 60 degrees -70 degrees of white boiling water and stir for 1-2 minutes after the crude oil in the bubble gradually disappear, gum phosphorus in crude oil and water to full with each other gradually expands and condenses into a liquid resin, peanut oil refining equipment, when the upper left hair oil a thin layer of fine foam, peanut oil processing equipment, will start centrifuge hydration of crude oil into the centrifuge within 10-15 seconds, turn off the power. Oil, diesel oil, peanut oil equipment, glial phospholipids and water fast separation in the drum rotating at high speed, when the drum in rotation ceased, pure bright edible oil slide out of the drum in the micro water molecule surface.

2.Peanut oil,HongRi mechanical processing equipment,peanut oil equipment

HongRi mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. of peanut oil refining process for high quality peanut has pressed peanut oil, should minimize the process of refining, to retain the natural flavor of peanut oil. And by solvent extraction from peanut crude peanut oil, should be refined. The process of making the extract of peanut oil into ordinary peanut oil is the same as that of ordinary soybean oil. Luzhou flavor peanut oil processing as described above, peanut oil, only the pressure filter oil settlement and cold filtration can be. (1) process: Peanut cooking oil, salad oil refining process are as follows: the low quality of peanut oil degumming alkali refining deacidification decoloration deodorization winterisation solid wax extracted crude oil peanut cooking oil peanut salad oil products (2) key production and refined oil characteristics of peanut oil at 03 degrees have a solid fat, coagulation precipitation. The production of peanut salad oil, it is necessary to remove the solid fat in winter, which is the key to the production of peanut salad oil. It is observed that peanut oil produced by the peanut kernel harvested after full maturity is light in color and luster. Peanut oil is a good raw material for the preparation of deep processed products of edible oil. The refined peanut oil smoke point is very high (229.4 C), suitable for the high temperature frying oil.

3.Peanut oil , HongRi mechanical equipment ,refined peanut oil machine

Peanut oil , peanut oil equipment ,HongRi machinery provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. ( is located in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District Science road. The struggle and development in the tide of market economy, the current Hong Machinery in the industry have a higher visibility in the special equipment, enjoy a good reputation. HongRi machinery has the whole network shangmeng certification, marking our service and management level has reached a new height. HongRi machinery all the staff is willing to work with the common development of all walks of life a person with breadth of vision to create a better future.

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