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peanut oil ,peanut oil processing equipment ,HongRi machinery

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1.Peanut oil, HongRi machinery, complete sets of equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd: peanut oil processing equipment press and troubleshooting press and hydraulic press machine consists of two parts, common troubleshooting and its methods are as follows. In 1, the hydraulic pump pressure is not enough reason: out of the oil valve is dirty or bad; the press on and out of the oil valve plug and valve seat or poor contact caused by tight oil return; the small piston and pump wear gap is too large. Corresponding measures are: 1 be ground after washable so close together; the grinding machine squeezed out of the oil plug valve and valve seat, to seal or tighten the plug; the replacement of the new pump. In 2, the hydraulic pump not to cause oil: the oil strainer is blocked; the oil used for a long time, is attached to the sediment into the oil valve, the throttle is not closed; the oil in the tank is too thick or by cold coagulation; the insufficient fuel tank; not into the hydraulic pump in vacuum. Corresponding measures are as follows: cleaning oil filter; the replacement of the new oil or release old oil; filter and clean the oil valve, and grinding, the sealing is good; the replacement of oil, cold should improve the room temperature; add enough oil to the tank; and pull out a small piston, peanut oil processing equipment, then into the oil pressure.

2.Peanut oil production equipment,peanut oil,vegetable oil equipment

When used in the production of peanut oil HongRi machinery , peanut oil refining equipment used by the design of how do you know?

(1) raw materials. The production of peanut oil peanut material fresh, full grain, no damage, no mildew, no insects, less impurity, without ageing, peanut oil production equipment, to meet the requirements of GB/T1533 standard. Raw materials, damaged grains and mildew particles are removed during the process of cleaning.

(2) process flow.

(3) process parameters and process. Peanut cleaning, shelling, screening out of medium grain peanut kernels (approximately 25% throughput), peanut oil, the rest is big and small granules of peanut kernels (about 75% capacity). Large and small kernels of peanuts were crushed, rolled and steamed, and then medium grained peanut kernels were cooled after frying, then crushed and removed. The mixture of two materials was pressed into the press to get the crude oil obtained by sedimentation and filtration.

(4) key points of operation. Clear the choice. Stones and metals may damage mechanical equipment, and mouldy and moth – eaten peanuts will seriously affect the quality of the oil. In order to reduce the oil loss, peanut oil complete sets of equipment, improve the oil yield, ensure the high quality of grease, extend the service life of equipment, and clean up the links must be strictly controlled.

The use of HongRi peanut oil refining equipment manufacturing ARPO more healthy, more assured.

3.HongRi machinery , peanut oil, peanut oil processing equipment

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