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Peanut oil, plant oil equipment , peanut oil processing equipment

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1.Peanut oil processing equipment, HongRi machinery, peanut oil

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd., peanut  pressing oil production technology is the advantage of peanut cold pressing oil production technology compared with the current high temperature pressing or extraction process, has the advantages of simple process, energy saving, less equipment investment, small occupied area and other comparable factors, as well as its incomparable effect. A double helix cold press does not need to add peanut shell as an auxiliary material, so a better peanut kernel press cake can be obtained. Second, the whole process has realized the low temperature pressing, the price of the peanut oil equipment, the best and high temperature in the process is less than 80 degrees C, under this condition. High quality peanut oil can be obtained. Third, cold pressed peanut protein content can be obtained after crushing 50-60% quality of crude protein, peanut oil processing equipment, is further transformed into food and laid the foundation for protein. Comparison of peanut oil production process: 1. traditional process: 10-18% peanut shell peanut cleaning impurity crushing cooking pressed crude oil refining oil finished 2. cold pressing process: Peanut cleaning cleaning and cold pressing and cold pressed crude oil crude oil filter filter of high quality cold crushing peanut protein quality of peanut.


2.HongRi machinery,peanut oil, peanut oil equipment prices

Automatic peanut oil press

1, high oil production: the use of directional bearing pressure, peanut oil, multistage propulsion, one press clean, oil greatly improved.

2, automatic oil production: using the principle of air negative pressure, vacuum shunting technology, peanut oil production equipment, built-in vacuum shunt. Oil and slag are separated effectively.

3, It is safe and convenient: the structure is exquisite, the occupancy is few, the transmission system is fully enclosed, and the operation is safe and convenient.

4, durable: the use of high quality and wear-resistant rigid casting scientific collocation, stable performance, to ensure that the equipment can work for a long time, and durable.

3.Peanut oil production equipment ,peanut oil ,HongRi machinery

Peanut oil processing equipment, HongRi machinery ,peanut oil provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( in the field of special equipment industry into the infinite enthusiasm and passion, HongRi machinery has been customer-centric, the idea of creating value for customers, with quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope that the cooperation with the community to create success, and create brilliant. The related business is welcome to inquire.


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