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Peony seed oil extraction equipment, HongRi machinery,oil extraction equipment

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1.Complete set of oil equipment , leaching equipment, suseed oil leaching equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. peanut oil refining production line equipment, extraction equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, peanut production equipment now leaching food safety problems around us so I am very worried, everyone wants to use safer food, especially now that the problem is very serious, although the government attaches importance to, but there are still a lot of businesses for their own interests, regardless of the health of consumers. Then you identify edible oil HongRi machinery branch tips:

1. color: good quality soybean oil for deep yellow, general light yellow; rapeseed oil is yellow with green or yellow; peanut oil is pale yellow or pale orange, yellow seed oil.

2. smell: dip a finger of oil with your fingers, rub it on the palm of your hand, smell it and rub it. The oil with good quality should have different oil taste and no other odor.

3. transparency: high transparency, Paulownia seed oil leaching equipment, less water impurities, good quality. Good plant oil, Suzhou oil leaching equipment, after 24 hours of static, should be clear transparent, opaque, no precipitation, no suspension.

4. with a little taste of chopsticks dipped in oil into the mouth, the smell should not be bitter, empyreumatic, rancidity.

2.Extraction equipment, HongRi machinery, tung oil extraction equipment

The remaining HongRi meachinery equipment of rapeseed oil machine after oil cake processing organic fertilizer:

Rapeseed cake is about 60% residue residue after oil extraction. The crude protein content is 35% to 38%, the amino acid is relatively balanced, and also contains amino acids and manganese, zinc, copper and other trace elements. The fermented rapeseed cake is an organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content. However, the traditional stacking fermentation is not only long time but also incomplete fermentation, so it may cause rapeseed cake to ferment in soil for the two time. At present, the invention of fertilizer fermentative solution has solved the above problems. So how do you use a fertilizer fermenting agent to ferment rapeseed cake?

The following brief introduction about the methods used HongRi mechanical fertilizer fermented rapeseed cake:

1. preparation of rapeseed cake to crush (not too close to the fine sawdust or rice bran fineness is appropriate), peony seed oil extraction equipment, sawdust or straw powder, fertilizer fermentation agent.

2. material formula: add a proper amount of auxiliary sawdust (no sawdust can be replaced with straw powder, rice bran, mushroom residue, etc.), and the proportion of rapeseed cake and sawdust is 9:1.

3.HongRi machinery , peony seed oil extraction equipment, extraction equipment

Peony seed oil extraction equipment , HongRi machinery extraction equipment provided by the Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( high quality products and services, continuously by the new and old customers and industry recognition and trust. Our company is a certified member of the whole network shangmeng shangmeng, click on the page service icon, can direct dialogue with our customer service to our future cooperation!

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