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Refined peanut oil machine,peanut oil,HongRi machinery

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1.Peanut oil ,HongRi machinery ,peanut oil production equipment

Peanut oil refining equipment: product details: peanut oil by 20% saturated fatty acid and 80% unsaturated fatty acid composition, peanut oil production equipment, which is mainly oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid, iodine value of about 80~110, peanut oil, which belongs to the drying oil, oil is light yellow transparent, fragrance, is a kind of high quality cooking oil. According to the national standard GB 1534 – 2003 "peanut oil", peanut oil can be divided into leached peanut oil and pressed peanut oil according to the production process. The leached peanut oil is made by solvent extraction, and the pressed peanut oil is made from the pressing method. In 2004, China began to implement the market access system for food safety. All kinds of peanut oil sold should be QS.

2.HongRi machinery, peanut oil, peanut oil equipment

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. Ltd. peanut oil refining equipment adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, through deacidification, degumming, dephosphorization and dehydration in decolorization and deodorization of integrated operation, low labor intensity, high refining efficiency, refined oil standard. Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. Ltd of peanut oil refining equipment, HongRi machinery peanut oil refining equipment. With HongRi refined peanut oil oil refining equipment into fatty acid content is low, tasteless, odorless, good color, transparent pure peanut oil. Peanut oil refining plant, known as salad oil, refined oil to remove the small amounts of impurities, pretreatment and physical refining of peanut oil, peanut oil refining equipment, only need two degumming and decolorization was complete, compared with the chemical method for degumming and bleaching have higher requirements so, before the physical refining is a key point of success is the quality of refined oil peanut, peanut oil to extract oil in the equipment, so that high-quality raw materials, refined oil quality will be higher.

In order to retain the natural flavor of peanut oil, the refined processing procedure should be reduced to the pressed peanut oil obtained from high quality peanut kernel. And by solvent extraction from peanut crude peanut oil, should be refined. The process of making the extract of peanut oil into ordinary peanut oil is the same as that of ordinary soybean oil. The processing of  flavor peanut oil, as described above, only needs to settle down the oil and cold filter.

3.HongRi machinery,peanut oil ,peanut oil production equipment

Peanut oil, peanut oil equipment, oil press equipment (view) provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co., Ltd. ( is a professional engaged in vegetable oil, animal oil equipment, equipment, equipment for pigment extraction of saponin, pyrolysis oil equipment company. Since the establishment, we adhere to the "integrity-based, stable operation" principle, the courage to participate in market competition, the "HongRi" brand has a good reputation. We adhere to the "service first, customer first" principle, to win the HongRi machinery customer trust in the industry of special equipment, establish a good corporate image. Special Description: the pictures and information of this information are for reference only. Please contact us for accurate information. Thank you!

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