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Safflower seed oil equipment , oil equipment prices, HongRi machinery

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1.Domestic key manufacturers ,seed oil equipment, rapeseed oil equipment

Oil refining equipment working principle seed oil equipment

The basic production process of oil refining equipment. [professional manufacturer of animal oil machinery]

1. press process oil process flow

For example: peanut peeling, cleaning, crushing, rolling, cooking, embryo squeezing, peanut oil (crude oil)Oil process flow of

2. leaching method

Taking soybean as an example: cleaning up, crushing, softening, rolling embryo, leaching, evaporation, stripping to soybean oil (wool oil)

3. refining process of oil and oil

Wool oil, filtration, hydration (degumming), alkali refining (deacidification), decolorization, deodorization and refined oil

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Alkali refining, deodorization.

2.HongRi machinery, seed oil equipment,peony seed oil equipment

Complete equipment of Hu sesame oil and oil press equipment of flax oil

Sesame oil is a kind of oil extracted from flax seed, safflower seed oil, flax seed and flax seed. It is the annual or perennial herb of flax and linen, and the seed of flax. [sesame oil equipment, flax oil press equipment] is one of the oldest fiber flax, crop varieties, but can be divided into 3 categories: flax oil, flax oil and flax fiber and its seeds, can be oil, Hubei oil equipment, has become one of the world's ten largest oil crops, its yield accounted for seventh.

Oil flax is mainly produced in Canada, China, Argentina and the United States. China is back to the Han Dynasty envoy Zhang Qian to the western regions in second Century BC and flax seeds, began planting in Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, northeast and other places, rapeseed oil equipment, the initial flaxseed main role, until sixteenth Century with its seed oil, is now one of the main economic crops in our country, the main oil crops is the north, northwest and northeast cold area planted in china.

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3.HongRi machinery , safflower oil equipment , oil press equipment

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