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The price of peanut oil equipment, HongRi machinery, peanut oil

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1.Peanut oil, peanut oil machine, HongRi machinery

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. to remind you to buy rapeseed oil press equipment:

First, try to choose to buy a rapeseed oil press manufacturer with a certain scale of strength. Usually, a strong scale oil press manufacturer can produce high-quality rapeseed oil press, ensure the quality of the oil press and improve after-sales service.

Two, choose the suitable press type, peanut oil press machine is mainly hydraulic press machine and screw press two, hydraulic press machine has gradually been replaced by advanced screw press, currently on the market, it has a lot of oil press, automatic press machine, multifunctional oil press, vacuum oil the new machine, oil machine, precision filter press and so on, peanut oil equipment, in fact, belong to the screw press. For the vast majority of users, the choice of spiral oil press can be.

Three, the purchase of press machine, the user must personally visit, peanut oil equipment prices, the user personally on-site inspection press manufacturer, will be able to intuitively understand the press enterprise production scale and strength, peanut oil equipment manufacturers, quality and first-hand observation of press, more importantly, the demand and their own good communication, in order to get the ideal rapeseed oil press.

2.Peanut oil, vegetable oil equipment, peanut oil equipment price

Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Co. Ltd. recommended storage method: peanut oil storage characteristics of pure peanut oil, peanut oil and old oil under normal storage conditions, the process will automatically change the oxidative rancidity, automatic oxidation process with the seasons, if stored in winter, low temperature can effectively delay the lipase and oxygen with the rise of style, seasonal changes, temperature, temperature at 15-30 DEG C, on the one hand because of lipase, the hydrolysis of peanut oil, oil, acid increased, on the other hand the oxygen in the air will cause the oil immersed, oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide. In summer, the room temperature and tank temperature exceed 30 degrees. If stored in open oil tanks or open yard, exposed to sunlight every day, environmental factors will accelerate the oxidation process of oils and fats. Especially in the sunlight in the ultraviolet or metal catalyst, when the radiation temperature exceeding 50 DEG C, peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, be further decomposed by molecular rearrangement into aldehydes and ketones, the oil rancidity during storage.

3.Peanut oil, peanut oil equipment manufacturers ,HongRi machinery

The price of peanut oil equipment, HongRi machinery, peanut oil provided by Zhengzhou HongRi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. ( is located in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District Science road. The struggle and development in the tide of market economy, the current Hong Machinery in the industry have a higher visibility in the special equipment, enjoy a good reputation. HongRi machinery has the whole network shangmeng certification, marking our service and management level has reached a new height. HongRi machinery all the staff is willing to work with the common development of all walks of life a person with breadth of vision to create a better future.

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